Data Protection Solutions

Data and Services are the engine-room of modern business. Therefore protecting your data and ensuring the availability of key services are critical to Business Continuity.

With our expertise in a wide range of Data Protection strategies and solutions we can help you build a fault tolerant solution to ensure your business survives even the most disruptive disasters and failures.

Data Replication

To ensure the survival of the business despite possible site failures due to power failures, fires, WAN outages, or just human error, it is vital to replicate your data and services to multiple sites.

Whether you own all the sites or use a third party to host secondary sites / data copies it is essential to ensure that all critical systems and data are stored in multiple locations.

Data Archiving

Whether for legal reasons or not, it is very important to have archived copies of your data to deal with corruption or deletion of vital business information.

We can design a Data Archiving solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Legal Compliance

The law around Data and Data Retention gets more complex every day! We can help you spot key areas where your systems may not be compliant, and design a solution to reduce the risk of financial penalties. *

* Note: While we have experience of common legal compliance issues, advice from DataArc Solutions Ltd. and our staff does not constitute legal advice and where there is any doubt please consult your legal advisors.