Meet the Team

Tom Millar

Managing Director

Tom has been involved in Technical Consulting for more than two decades. Having had various roles in the support teams of a wide range of businesses including Investment Banks, Insurance companies, Universities, NGOs, and SMEs, he now spends a significant part of his time teaching the skills he has gained to others.

Tom's specialities are around Data Center technologies such as Virtualization, Storage, Security, Network Infrastructure, and also extend to areas such as VOIP, and WAN technologies. 

His specific focus is on technologies that reduce business risks, including Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Security.

Tom is certified in:

  • VMware - VCP 5
  • NetApp - NCIE 7-mode and Cluster mode
  • Security - CompTIA Security+
  • Networks - LINX accredited Internet Engineer II.

Auri Millar

Operations Manager

Auri has a background in Psychology and has spent most of her career organising people. She spent more than half a decade providing vocational training to adults with Special Education Needs. She was also involved in organising work experience for her clients, managing employer relations and handling conflict resolution.

Her role is to ensure that the right people and resources are in the right place at the right time.

Optimum Resource Group

Corporate communications

Members of the team at Optimum Resource Group are experts in ensuring that their clients reach out to the right prospects and at delivering Quality Sales Leads. We rely on Optimum Resource Group to ensure that we maximise the value of our corporate communications.